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Ansh short horror film poster

Ansh – A Short Horror Film

This one is a perfect paragon of an impromptu creation. I was at my friend’s house when his sister walked in with a small broken toy of a baby. She swayed it in front of us humming an eerie music, when I realized, “Hey we

Karan Arjun action web series poster

Karan Arjun Action Web Series

This one is a paragon of what all impromptu plans are all about. Not a morsel of thought was spent on it. Okay, that would be just plain wrong. I would say my thoughts read “let’s do this, let’s do that” more than an actual

Sleepover Short Film Cover A Fat Story Horror

Sleepover – A Fat Story | A Short Horror Film

Sleepover short film was imagined in an entirely different setup contrary to the place where it was shot. The backdrop happened in an impromptu manner. Nothing was set up, nothing prepped up beforehand. I was low on resources, as I decided to shoot it with my

Dissonance gym short story cover pic

Dissonance – A Short Sketch | The Gym Story

Ideas boil in my head sometimes and they want to pop out in the form of media I am accustomed to. Filmmaking being my latest fad, an idea was screaming to get out. That’s how dissonance was formed. We shot this in Surat in a

Staircase a short horror film poster

Staircase – A Short Horror Film

The second horror film I made is one of The Darkest Blog‘s story called “Staircase”. This time I had better cameras to work with, a proper script to helm and better music to use. The plot is about a friend zoned guy who wishes to

Stiletto short animated film

Stiletto – A Short Animated Film

I have always had a thing for animation. Good news is that I have ventured into this department as well. I bought myself a good One by Wacom Graphic Tablet and it’s been serving the purpose. So far, so good! If you too have some animation

The Laundry Bag Cover image

The Laundry Bag – A Short Horror Film

I have ventured into the world of creating films. Direction and screenwriting has always fascinated me, probably why I am a diehard cinephile. You would know that if you know me well. If I am nowhere to be found I would probably be in a