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ticking bomb poem

Ticking Bomb

I am only a moment awayFrom disappearing into my life,Never to return again,Despite who dares to cry.My wilderness of sorrowCalls me every night,And wishes to keep me companyInside its cold heart.I breathe on gloomAs if it were my fuel,And I can’t be happy all the

oprisco photography for scottshak's time out poem

Time Out

Here I lie, on the ground,Wallowing in, without a sound,A river of your mirth,I dive in for a rebirth,And come out a changed man,With a yearning in my throat,To call my insides out,But can’t,For you wantA time out in the quiet,Where my company is not

caged girl photo for a scottshak poem

बोल पड़ी मैं

मैं गूंगी पतझड़ कीना जाने किस वन कीठहर गया कोईआंगन में मेरेकोई परिंदा दामन से मेरे बाँध गया मुझे रूह से अपनी झांक गया मेरे तन मन को कह न सकी मैं गूंगी थी मैं की रुक जा परिंदे सुन ले तू मेरी पर नहीं

self taught poem by scottshak


I blame you for messing me up,For making me impalpable,For not letting me learnHow to live in this crazy world,For making me anxiousEven when misery isn’t aroundTo be my friend,And I have trouble trusting people now,For you left me scarred so badI am numb to

The Hive - photo for good times poem

Good Times

It is the now in your eyes,The then in my cries,That dictate our livesDuring good times. Coz circles then makeA hazier lake,And I can’t really wakeUp on the inside. The fog that’s around,You cannot be foundFor you are spellboundBy its inside. And you choose to

where is the love scottshak poem

Where is the Love?

Picking you up,Peeling you down,Pulling your insides out,Peeking through every holeTo see everything insideThat jumps around,Where is the love?They often talk about,That lifts you upAnd smacks you down,And giggles a peal of laughter out,And makes you smileWhen you are trying to not,And you are thinking

people living in boxes for Clockwork poem


Uptight people all around me,When was the last time you breathed?That file needs completing today,Are you already getting peeved?That paper craves writing,That order delivered now,That code run by the evening,You can scream within your mouth.Wrap your tasks or the dawn breaks,That lengthy project before you

flesh and bones mother earth poem

Flesh and Bones

Oh, Mother,Stop crying!Your children are no longer fighting,Some are dead,Some are still alive,It is a ceasefireFor counting bodies,So rejoice!Everything is going to be alright.They are all big now,You have done your job well,They can take care of themselves now,They know what it means to get

starving poem by scottshak


Painted poetic,Brushed artistic,Close up of your eyes,Golden brownAnd searchingAnswers to my quests,At my behests,They dare to look into mine.Arrests my gaze,What a mazeOf loony talks!That happen when We are inches from each other,And I can’t stop myselfFrom venturing forward –My daring towardSoft edges of your

broken hands acquiescent poem by scottshak


The door is open,All my insecurities walk inWhen you talk about leaving.Think it must be my faceThat tries to effaceYour very existence from my life,Or could it be my hairThat goes nowhereNear to complement my style?Or is it my voiceThat makes a weird noiseWhenever it