Ansh – A Short Horror Film

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This one is a perfect paragon of an impromptu creation. I was at my friend’s house when his sister walked in with a small broken toy of a baby. She swayed it in front of us humming an eerie music, when I realized, “Hey we could make a short horror film with its help.”

No one was serious. But I was dead, and so I asked her if she wanted to star in one. She didn’t mind.

We headed out to take care of some household chores and came back at 11 PM. But all this time I was trying to create something tangible in my head. I had a story ready in no time and I discussed it with my friend telling him about all the props in his house that we could use.

On returning, I realized none of them had taken me seriously. I slipped in some confidence in them, telling them about the what and the how aspects of our story.

Soon she was up for it and we shot till 2 AM. Her kid and husband were really tired and they slept midway, the former being bummed out a tad too much for she had envisaged it to be something exciting in her head. My friend stayed up till late, assisting me in the whole process, helping me to bring things closer to what I had imagined in my head. 

Finally, it was brought to fruition. People hit the bed.

Then it took me a while to bring myself to start the editing and all. More than 3 months to be precise, but when the actual work started I wrapped it up within a weekend. The poster turned out to be really badass.

The story tries to depict a grieving mother who comes to terms with a real monster.

A hashtag of Grief is Forever, cuts it.

Check out the short horror film here:

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