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Monthly Archives: April 2018

fork and spoon creative photo for picking up the discontent


Ain’t afraid now Of challenges on my road, I pick them like I pick fallen berries in the woods, Or people who have lost interest In their every day, For it all sounds the same, The quiet makes them sleepy And they think now, Maybe

Karan Arjun action web series poster

Karan Arjun Action Web Series

This one is a paragon of what all impromptu plans are all about. Not a morsel of thought was spent on it. Okay, that would be just plain wrong. I would say my thoughts read “let’s do this, let’s do that” more than an actual

Hands on my clock

Hands on My Clock

I am slaving away, Paving a way, For someone I wouldn’t recognize, When I am no longer left. These bits that make me Aren’t for a future I feel, But to sate my obstinacy, For everything I am about Is to become everyone, In one