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Monthly Archives: March 2018

kiss me dead featured image for poem

Kiss Me Dead

I feel your searing eyes Piercing me, Making me Shift in my edgy seat, Twitch in this ugly heat, What are you thinking Behind that crazy skull? I ain’t that dull, I am trying to keep up With your brutal signs, You are defying Me

dehn sora's art for sleepless poem by scottshak


Squinting in the dark, I try to find my light With my careful eyes; They are burning With a fire that’s crackling My body and soul, That’s making this pain Hard to bear. I have a dream in my eyes That’s keeping me alive From

Defiance poetry wallpaper of a roaring lion


You did not get me, You do not get me, That’s how it is. I am a riddle To your hunt, And I sit here with answers To questions I am yet to face, With a confidence you can’t efface. I will pay you, If