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Monthly Archives: October 2017

waiting hands image for poverty

Waiting Hands

Reading so much hope In so much less, You are warriors of dark Fighting for light. I wish you weren’t A mere statue of pity For comments pithy, Forgotten like people often Forget things unimportant. I have never known, I might have known; But the

blown away nimble poetry wallpaper


A split second Of eternal joy, A subway treat; A tasteful meet Of eyes and a face That might erase My today if tomorrow I don’t see you again. Like a whiff You dropped in, Akin to the kiss Of the first flake That stays

Staircase a short horror film poster

Staircase – A Short Horror Film

The second horror film I made is one of The Darkest Blog‘s story called “Staircase”. This time I had better cameras to work with, a proper script to helm and better music to use. The plot is about a friend zoned guy who wishes to

judge me not wallpaper

Judge Me Not

Underneath your judging eyes, I feel naked, I didn’t ask to be tested Or to be toyed with, To be turned around, And then upside down, To be frisked with As you please, I am my own judge. I want to live a life Unbothered

the absence of everything poem image

The Absence of Everything

I read pain on faces I had never seen weep; Could they cry too? Now I know – Joy isn’t anyone’s prerogative. You wish it were eternal, It never is. No matter how taut it is held, It always manages to slip through. Emotions are