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Monthly Archives: September 2017

mirrors poem by scottshak


I feel nothing, nada, When I browse through all the faces in my time. Sunny ones, smiling kinds, contented minds, Adventures hide inside their green eyes. People are strangers without their thin masks; They wear them to pose a split second sign To create an idea

Stiletto short animated film

Stiletto – A Short Animated Film

I have always had a thing for animation. Good news is that I have ventured into this department as well. I bought myself a good One by Wacom Graphic Tablet and it’s been serving the purpose. So far, so good! If you too have some animation

image for children of now poem

Children of Now

We are the children of now, Written in impatience. We can’t wait for a day to come; That day might never come. Tomorrows will be todays someday, Let’s not waste another day And get it done right away. If you wish to save some, You can