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Monthly Archives: August 2017

insomnia painting for insomniac


Turning around and over in my thoughts, I am nowhere near a slumber, I have somewhere to be, Something to see, Someone to be. My unrest is a world I choose to sleep in, Yet I fail to doze off Like I used to before, With a

detractors photography of ants


I fulfill promises I made to myself, You think I fiddle with my toys Trying to live my toy stories? Even if I might be in one, I care for none; I don’t care when you fail to see What I see, It’s not my

The Laundry Bag Cover image

The Laundry Bag – A Short Horror Film

I have ventured into the world of creating films. Direction and screenwriting has always fascinated me, probably why I am a diehard cinephile. You would know that if you know me well. If I am nowhere to be found I would probably be in a

walking fingers poem image for somewhere else

Somewhere Else

Shrouded bodies, Crowded places, This isn’t the world I had dreamt of When I was a child in the head, I used to think a little more, And sleep a little less, Yet my dreams never failed To bring a future in my bed. Shiny